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The Roti Maker....

The Roti Maker...
I felt driven to make roti skins one day and anyone who knows me, would know how left field that was. However peculiar the juxtaposition of my undying love for all things made with flour is to my strong dislike of putting my hands in flour mixtures of all types, I had a yearning to make my own roti skins
I at least had been schooled enough in this old art to know that I should buy some Ghee while doing my grocery shopping,... but I knew not much else. So I opened up my iPad, looked up "Trini Roti Skins" and much more than just a handful of Youtube videos popped up. I gathered my ingredients and cleared my space as I listened & watched as they all promised to make me an honorable inductee into the Roti Skin Making Hall of Fame.... and it was then that I knew that I would shock even myself with how AhMazingly good they would turn out.
About 30 mins into my maiden cooking adventure, following the video instructions to the letter and mentally giving myself the…

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