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The King of all Soups

Cow Heel SoupSoup Saturdays is a common theme in many homes across Trinidad & Tobago and our home was no different. Why soup you may ask. Maybe it's because the last of the left over along with the kitchen sink goes into that seething cauldron.... who knows?  As kids the popular soup in our home was chicken foot soup. It was not until many, many....... Many years later, that I discovered this gem of soups. I've tried my fair share of cow heel soup recipes but you see this here?..... See this one right here? All I can say is, try it! You might like it. If you have tried it and are totally sold, leave a comment and let me know. If however, you have a recipe that you think is a total rockstar, leave its link in the comments or send me an email at
1 lb. cow heel (about 5 pieces)  8 cups water  ½ lb. split peas (or split peas powder) ½ lb. pumpkin, diced 1 carrot, diced 8 Green figs, chopped ½ lb. dasheen, diced 2 small potatoes, diced 2 bouillon cubes (o…

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